childrens line

Dimples are so cute - and so are items in our new children's line. From onesies to bibs to fancy pants. Always something for the little ones. ​





Bath towels

Fancy pants

Burp rags

Check out our little girl t's with matching doll tops


Fancy Pants Diaper Covers - white cotton.

All sizes available​

Pick a saying :

1.Pick me up sweet thing.. ..I dig older chicks​

2.I can make you smile (that's my job)

3.ABC  Another Blessing Created by God

4.Sometimes I don't even have to 

           ASK GRANDMA

5.Small things can fill a heart up faster

Available in all sizes.

White Onesies and T-shirts- 6 months up​

Little girls and their dolls. All sizes available-pick short sleeve or long sleeve

Rhinestone designs available:                   T-shirt colors:

ballet                                                           black

flower                                                          white

soccer ball                                                    green

shamrock                                                     pink

snow flake